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Lakshadweep is one of the best serviced areas in the whole of India with a branch for every 7000 individuals. There are nine branches of Syndicate Bank spread across the various islands of the Union Territory and one branch of State Bank of India at the Kavaratty Island. However, the credit-deposit ratio is low and UTLBC will try to alleviate the situation with more credit schemes


Banking and Bank Branches

Syndicate Bank was the only bank operating in the entire Union Territory of Lakshadweep with 9 branches, till 2004.

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Syndicate Bank has introduced various schemes on Deposite and Loan to meet the financial needs of common men.

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All the nine branches of SyndicateBank in the island have been computerized. Core Banking Solution (CBS) has been implemented in 9 branches.

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The entire group of islands is considered as one district for lead bank purposes. Syndicate Bank is the lead bank and convenor of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Bankers’ Committee. Syndicate Bank has opened its first branch at Kavaratti in 1971 and is operating throughout the UTL with nine branches in nine major islands. State Bank of India opened its first branch in April 2005 at

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